Kids Deserve More

Yesterday pulled on my heart strings more than anything in recent memory has done. We went to a Christmas party, where we met up with a friend of my mum’s and her 2.5 year old granddaughter (C) that she’s been looking after for the last 12 weeks.

C took to me instantly, grabbing my hand as we walked from one area of the party to another. She wanted cuddles, she wanted to hold my hand, she laughed and smiled and wanted nothing to do with her grandmother. I didn’t mind the attention. She is a sweet, very smart little girl, who talks so unbelievably well for only 2 and a half. Nick wasn’t sure what to make of her, and I think was a little jealous that she was getting so much of my attention. When my husband showed up and we went to take Nick on the rides, C had a meltdown and wanted to come too.

Then she started calling my husband, “Daddy”. She’d just spent a week with her father who had flown in for the week to visit her. He had left the day before. Whether or not she was confused, and thought every man about my husband’s age is called “Daddy”, I don’t know.

Without exposing too much of the personal history of this little girl and her parents, I’ll just say it breaks my heart. Every child deserves a loving home. And I’m not saying that home has to be with a mum and a dad. It could be just a mum, just a dad, 2 mums or 2 dads. It could be with grandparents. I do believe it takes a village to raise a child. I just think it’s sad when the village is the daycare teachers, and neither of the parents or other family members. I’m sure they love her and she’s well cared for, but she deserves a home with someone who wants to spend time with her.

I know she is young, and maybe she won’t remember much, if any, of this when she’s older. Maybe her mum will get her act together in time to still give her the loving home she deserves. She comes to pick her up next week. I just don’t understand what kind of parent can leave her child a thousand kilometers away and not want her. Or what kind of parent can want nothing to do with his daughter except when it suits him, then spend a week with her and go back to his other life.

I won’t lie. For a couple of hours yesterday, it was nice to be a pretend family of 4, with this gorgeous little girl a part of our lives. I wished that she could be a part of our family and be loved and adored by 2 parents and a big brother. Every kid deserves love and happiness. It’s just not fair when kids are born to parents who don’t really give a shit. Especially when so many others would.


5 thoughts on “Kids Deserve More

  1. Hi. We foster kids as well as having our own two. I agree with what you are saying whole heartedly. It does make you want to cry that some kids don’t have the family they deserve…

    • I’ve often thought about fostering, the pros and cons, it must be awfully hard to have parents coming back wanting their children? or having children who don’t settle in? Adoption and fostering has been at the forefront of my mind since having fertility problems. Just is so unfair there are so many unwanted children.

      • It is definitely the hardest thing I’ve done. If you are keen to pursue it, I can only say, it may not be easy, but you doing it is going to make the world a better place not a worse one.

  2. That is very sad. Its one thing i used to struggle with when i worked at the drs surgery. All kids deserve a happy safe home to be loved and cared for. Its heartbreaking that not everyone feels that way. I hope she finds that loving home she deserves.

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