Point and Shoot Time Again

Our weekend started as any typical weekend does – with me working. Boo to that. (Sidenote: I’m practically working all next weekend, so there won’t be a point and shoot from me next Monday!)

However, all was not lost, as I managed to finagle my way out of work on Sunday, as my son was supposed to participate in a photo shoot for a local photographer’s workshop. You’ll soon see why he didn’t.

Saturday afternoon we headed down to one of the pools for a swim. Nick LOVES swimming in the pool and since he started his lessons, we’ve been taking him through the week as well. The extra pool time has done wonders for his confidence and his ability. He’s so good with the noodle, now we just have to work on getting his bum and kicking legs up so he can ditch the noodle!

Saturday night we had dinner, put Nick to bed, watched some TV, and headed to bed ourselves. I was somewhere between awake and asleep, when we heard a loud thud. Hubby sprung in to action, and by the time I got there, Nick was in his arms, blood on his shirt, screaming bloody murder. He’d fallen out of bed and managed to cut his head open on his stupid bookshelf that is next to his bed. Now, I’m ok when it comes to Nick hurting himself, often telling him to pick himself up and dust himself off. But bleeding from the head? I might have panicked and over-reacted a bit. But you know how that old saying goes…better safe than sorry. So off to A&E we went.

There was no one else there when we got there, and we were seen to by a lovely triage nurse who then took us through to a child’s bed in Emergency. About 10 minutes later a doctor came to see us, and after glueing his head back together, we were monitored for another 4 hours or so. The old glove-balloon-fish trick got him to actually smile for (and cooperate with) the Dr.

So after getting home at 2:30, and sleeping in til 8, our plans for Sunday (including the photo shoot) started to fall apart. We weren’t going to make it to our lunch reservations, so we cancelled those. I let the photographer know what had happened, but that he should still be ok. She said they had a lot of running around planned, so we thought it best to cancel as the Dr said too much excitement and running around might cause the wound to open up again.

Since I already had the day off, we packed a picnic and headed for Natural Arch (aka Natural Bridge) in the Numinbah Valley. It ended up being a great family afternoon.

We came home and stopped by my mum’s, where she had another visitor as well. This guy was quite tame, and let me get quite close to take some pictures of him. There’s just something about kookaburras.

I’ll have to look back on this post next week, when I’m stuck at work all weekend, and remember the weekend that was. Sometimes it’s nice that having a Sunday off is a novelty, it means you actually do something with your day, rather than sit around and do nothing. I hope we get another Sunday like this soon.

Now it’s time for you to share what you got up to on the weekend.
Head over to Sunny + Scout and play along.


One thought on “Point and Shoot Time Again

  1. Wow! Your weekend sounds intense! Nothing quite like heading to A+E on a Saturday night huh? Glad to see he’s all put back together…have a lovely week!!

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