Point And Shoot Monday

I just can’t do it. I can’t wait until December 1 to put our Christmas tree up. And really, why should I? Who made that rule?? If we want to put it up in mid-November, we will. Why not admire it for an extra couple of weeks? It takes a bit of an effort to get it up. Anyway, on a whim, and because the next couple of weekends are a bit busy, we put it up Saturday! Hooray! Here’s some snapshots of the process. Tip for those of you with fake trees that require fluffing….FAYG! Fluff As You Go! It was much less of a headache this year to do it that way than to stick all the arms in and THEN fluff!

Saturday evening I got word that my old boss, who left because she was losing her battle with cancer, finally lost the fight. At work, the flags were half mast.


Sunday afternoon at work was so quiet I decided to take a drive around and take some pics. All with my iPhone. I wished I’d had my big camera! But it was still beautiful to be out and about in the lovely fresh air.

And on my way home, I caught this gorgeous sunset.

Did you document your weekend with pictures? Why not go share them at Sunny & Scout’s page for Point and Shoot Monday!


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