Can’t I Just Text Them?

I didn’t really need evidence that we existed. This generation who are socially inept unless there’s a computer screen and/or text-capable phone in front of us. We can email, text, instant message, Facebook message, find any way to communicate with someone, but ask us to pick up the phone and call someone…and we go silly. “What do you mean call them? Why would I do that? Can’t I just text them?”

Someone will ask me if I’ve heard from So-and-So yet, and I say no, I haven’t. And I’m happier to not hear from them than to have to pick up my phone and call. After all, if they wanted to get back to me, they’d have responded to my email, text or message on facebook. No, I don’t want to call them, I might be annoying them or interrupting them.

So when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to make some extra money by making a few (83 to be exact) phone calls to chase up some registration numbers for his business, I was hesitant. But, extra cash always comes in handy at Christmas time, and I wouldn’t have to try and sell anything, or ask for money. So how hard could it really be? I know, famous last words right?

I felt good about my decision to agree to help. I was ensuring my son would get a great Christmas, instead of the tighter-than-usual Christmas we were looking at.

No one REALLY likes, or is good at, cold calling strangers no matter what the situation is. But it didn’t really hit me until I sat down to make the first phone call. I stared at that piece of paper for easily a half an hour, thinking there was no way I could do it. I thought, “They’re probably at work and won’t answer. I should call at 5:30.” I texted my husband my theory. He said, “They might have stay at home wives who will answer.” Oh, right. Good point. And 5:30 might be dinner time.

(continued 24 hours later…)

I sat down and finally pulled the trigger. I’ve made about 26 calls and only have 9 numbers. I really need to get about 10 numbers a day to have this done by the end of next week. It is so much harder than I thought. I find I get on a run and can do about 4-5 in a row. If I get a rego number it is easier to make the next call. But having no answer, leaving a message, it is discouraging. And people on their mobiles have no idea what the rego is and are nowhere near their vehicle.

I thought this would be the easiest money made, turns out it might be the hardest. Will buy a nice bottle of wine to celebrate, it will be extra motivation to get those calls made.

Maybe when I’m done I’ll do a study on why people have such a fear of the telephone.


2 thoughts on “Can’t I Just Text Them?

  1. It’s funny that you post about this. This is something I’ve been talking with my therapist about. I usually almost always resort to email & rarely call anyone for the very reasons you listed. Then, I’ve been complaining lately that I don’t have any friends I can just pick up the phone for no reason & chat about our days. I’ve run into a few lately who prefer the phone & they won’t even give me their email addresses. I know it’s good for me to pick up the phone & call, but I often argue my way out of it. Especially if I have to phone someone’s cell number; it’s so much easier to catch someone in the middle of something that way.

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