Initiating An Attitude Adjustment

I was going to write a post today about how much it sucks I have to work this afternoon. About how much it sucks that I don’t get to spend enough time with my family on weekends because I work, and for now, that’s just how it has to be. I was going to write about how much it sucks to have less than a half a day at home and to start that day off with a spat. I was going to write about how much it sucks that my husband and son are off at the water park, while I can not go with them.

I was going to have a mega whinge and a tantrum of textbook-two-year-old proportions.

And then I read this. Warning, don’t read this if you are at work, or anywhere you don’t want anyone to see you absolutely lose your shit.

I’m in serious need of an attitude adjustment. I have been too busy whinging about what I don’t have to see what I do have. I have been too selfish to see that I should be thankful for my job, and thankful that I am healthy enough to work. I’ve been blind to the fact that while I get to go to work at a golf club, some people’s only job of the day is to fight a terrible, TERRIBLE, disease, and then try to explain to their children what is happening when the fight is being lost.


If you’re spending your spare time whinging about what you want/don’t have/can’t afford/have to do that you don’t want to and aren’t enjoying every single minute with your partner, your child, your family, regardless of what they do that frustrates you, then you might need a serious attitude adjustment, too.


In every aspect of your life, learn to say yes. Let your kids stay up past their bed time. Read them “one more book”. Play for 5 more minutes. Let them climb up on that playground. Put your phone down, turn the computer off, turn the TV off. Do whatever it takes, to make sure that when you have to say goodbye, whether it’s in a month, a decade, or 4 decades, you will have happy memories to look back on. No one has ever regretted the time they spent with their kids.



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