Thankful Thursday

I’ll be honest. I’m having a really tough time today, coming up with things I am thankful for. I know from reading hundreds of posts from mummy bloggers, that my plight in life is not tough. We struggle to pay bills, who doesn’t? We are beat down by the chore of going to work every day, who isn’t? I’m angry my dad isn’t here anymore and that my son was robbed of having any kind of grandfather figure in his life, what mourner isn’t? We get frustrated quickly because our son is cranky and wants everything his own way, what 3 year old doesn’t? We get stuck in our daily rut of a routine, eat, work, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat x 11000 days. The only light at the end of a tunnel seems to be a train.


We have jobs, we have bills, we have a 3 year old son, my dad at least got some joy from him in his last couple of years, we have a daily routine that doesn’t include doctors/hospitals/specialists/dole lines/wondering where the roof over our head and food on our plate will come from tonight.

Sometimes, even when we may feel at our lowest, it’s still easy to be thankful for the small things that we otherwise take for granted on a daily basis.

On a purely superficial tech/geek/addict side, I’m thankful for Facebook. YES, I’m thankful for the devil spawn that occupies my mind almost all day every day, because it keeps me connected. Connected to people I love who are so far away, that even though I can’t see them or hug them, I can still share with them. It also reminds me that my problems are not so big they can’t be overcome. And that is definitely something to be thankful for.

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9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Wise words indeed. I was grumbling about the state of our house and the backyard which needs so much work. We bought the worst house on the street and that is what I was choosing to focus on, until CrashHubby says, “Yes, but what a street”. He is so right. Our house won’t look like this forever. One day we’ll be able to afford to improve it. I am thankful indeed.

    • I think it’s very easy to get weighed down by the little things as they build and build until you want to explode. It’s hard to take a step back and realise it’s not so bad sometimes. Sounds like a great hubby you have there!

    • Makes me wonder how my mum, nanna, and all the generations that have gone before us did it without that contact to the outside world! I guess you just manage when you have to. I am definitely thankful for technology!

  2. I truly feel that remembering the things we take for granted and consciously giving thanks for them is so important, especially at a low ebb.

    Thanks for the reminder, I needed it today.

    • You have a LOT on your plate Kate. I think you’re an amazing mum and woman and am not so sure I’d be as gracious if I were in your shoes. xo

    • It’s funny isn’t it. I can see both the good and bad in that. It keeps me in touch with people I otherwise wouldn’t be in touch with, so maybe they’re not that great a friend to start with? On the other hand, everyones lives get so busy, it’s great to be able to reach out when you or someone else wants or needs to, and it’s ok to hang in the background for a while until that time comes. It’s also nice to see what is going on in other people’s lives (and I mean that not in a creepy way!)

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