10 Things I’d Tell My 18-Year-Old Self

I’m linking up with Sif over at The Bottom of the Garden for 10 Things Tuesday. For argument’s and blog’s sake, I have to assume that everything in my life would still have happened the same, mostly because I don’t know what direction life would have gone had I not moved to the US to go to college. I also can’t tell myself any lottery numbers or sound investments. That’s kind of cheating. But there were a few small things along the way that, having had the chance again, I would have done differently. Small things may or may not have affected major things, but we’ll never know. Anyway, here is 10 Things I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self to Get Her Through the Next 10 Years. 

1. You’re headed to the US for college. The food in the cafeteria SUCKS, but that is NOT permission to eat burgers and fries for lunch and dinner every day. Stick to cereal, fruit and toast. And for God’s sake, exercise and work out.

2. Golf is going to get you nowhere. It will pay for your college education, and that will be it. So take your studying seriously. This free ride only lasts for 4 years, then you’ll have to make your own way.

3. A degree in journalism is great. If you want to be a journo. You don’t. You’re just taking the easy way out because those classes come naturally to you. Try business instead. You think you can’t do it, but I promise you you can.

4. After college you’re going to get an internship with a big organisation. Make the most of it. Make friends. Do a good job and take it seriously, but still have fun. Don’t be snarky or petty. Just do what you’re asked and do it with a smile on your face. And for the love of all things desert, put your seat belt on when you’re in the van AT.ALL.TIMES because you’re going to roll down an embankment. You’ll be fine, but put the seat belt on, and watch out for flying TVs.

5.  Next you’ll be moving to Atlanta. When your roommates ask you if K can move in and make the dining room a makeshift bedroom, say yes.

6. Every year for the next seven years, you’re going to get a Christmas bonus. I know you won’t listen to me when I say put all of it in an untouchable savings account, so I’ll say try to put at least 50% of it in one, and leave it there until you leave the US. Yes, you will be leaving and heading home. You’ll want some money to take with you.

7. DON’T SELL THE HONDA CIVIC! Fixing the A/C is much cheaper and all you’re going to end up doing is pissing tens of thousands of dollars away on cars. Keep the Civic! Plus it’s a 2 door red sports car with a sunroof. You really don’t want that horrible Sebring sedan.

8. DON’T BUY THE HOUSE! I know you have good friends nearby, I know you you think you’ll be there for 5+ years. You won’t. It’s a money pit, and you’ll have to practically give it away to sell it. Keep renting and save the extra money you would have spent on the house.

9. Don’t stop paying into your ROTH IRA account. That is a dumb, dumb idea. Reduce the monthly amount to $100 or $200 if you want. Just don’t stop paying it all together. You never will start paying into it again.

10. Don’t get married in Florida. Go with with mansion in Georgia instead. The weather in Florida is going to be shit, people are going to have to travel from all over for it and you are going to be sick with stress. You think you’re saving money, you’re not. Go the mansion.


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