Long Over-Due Point And Shoot

This past Saturday was the first Saturday that I can remember in a very, very long time where I wasn’t working, we didn’t have anything we were committed to, or we didn’t have house guests. It was nice to have a family day, though we had trouble figuring out what to do. How sad is that?

It was nice to get to see my son at his swimming lesson. Usually I am at work and miss out. It was only his second lesson of the season after taking the winter off and I was so glad he didn’t have any major tantrums and he did pretty well. I love where we take him, because more often than not, he’s the only one in the class so he gets a private 30 minute lesson!

I had to laugh when I looked at all the pictures and I noticed how much his “concentration tongue” comes out!

I thought it might have just been a swimming thing, but nope, here it is at the playground, too!

He did manage to put it away when we were petting the “jumperoos”, but couldn’t manage to get a smile out of him.

Head on over to Sunny & Scout and play point and shoot and check out what everyone else got up to this weekend.


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