10 Reasons I Hate Facebook

Playing 10 Things Tuesday with Sif over at The Bottom of The Garden. It’s sad, that this list will come so easily to me. And I may even have some points that I’ll have to leave out because, well, 10 just might not be enough.

1. Cityville. I spent months devoted to that game. Thankfully they started requiring ridiculously unrealistic goals to really keep growing too much bigger. I haven’t been back in months, but I think about all the time spent there that I’ll never get back. Even just going into the game to get that screen shot made me almost start playing it again. It’s a slippery slope I tell ya!

2. Bejeweled Blitz. This one I’m still addicted to and every Wednesday when the new weekly comp starts I try over and over and over until I am the top scorer of all my friends who play. I had given this up, until a couple of months ago when I got a message saying I’d been “given” 500,000 points. It got me sucked back in. I have now earned over 600,000 points and I can’t bare to cash them in on Super Magic Jewels because I always do so much worse when I’ve got the Super Magic Jewels. It’s a mental thing – I think I have to do my best, thus in fact resulting in my worst.

3. Games aside, I have to look at my phone every 5 minutes to see if someone has updated because, well, heaven forbid I not know something right away and be the last one to find out that one of my friends has just gone to the park/toilet/shops/work/doctor/hospital/had a baby/changed their status and so on and so forth.

4. I get upset at things I see or read on Facebook if friends are doing something/going somewhere and I haven’t been invited or if friends have seen each other but I haven’t seen them in so long. Or if friends are having people over and I wasn’t invited. Or if someone is friends with someone I also know, but that person hasn’t sent me a friend request.

5. Time spent on Facebook could and should be time spent with my husband and/or son. That speaks for itself.

6. I get on Facebook at work when no one else is around, when really I should at least be making it look like I am working, even if it is quiet at work. I often will get distracted on Facebook at work and forget to do things I should be doing to get ready for the next day, etc.

7. All kinds of people from your past (and your spouse’s past) find you on Facebook. This can be bad for a number of reasons and can result in actions that are not conducive to maintaining a harmonious relationship. I won’t say much more on that topic.

8. I almost always end up in some political argument/discussion/disagreement/showdown because some idiot has posted something to push people’s buttons, and my buttons push easily.

9. I see what friends and friends of friends (thanks to relaxed security and people just plain not knowing what their settings are) are doing with their lives and it makes me feel shit about mine. I am not doing anything amazing like traveling the world, curing cancer, making a shit load of money, having more children, making a significant difference in the world, following my dreams (which don’t get me started, I don’t even know what they are!)…my only small solace in this is that I am hoping most people would like you to think life is great but its really all a great big farce.

10. I’m addicted. I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life. And I want so badly to get rid of it, to deactivate myself from it, but there are so many people I want to keep up with, and I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for Facebook. Which some people would say means that maybe we’re not that great friends to begin with, but I don’t believe that. Life is busy for everyone, the amount of time it would take to actually email people to keep in touch must be far greater than the amount of time spent on Facebook. So why can’t I just limit myself to certain hours of the day, or certain days of the week? At some point I need to take responsibility for my actions and own up to the fact that I (as many, MANY people do) have a problem with Facebook. It is not normal to need to look at something so often every day. And now I’ve just spent a half an hour typing a blog post about the stupid site!! But for every 10 reason I hate Facebook, I could name at least 1 reason I love it. For another day maybe…


7 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Hate Facebook

  1. Thanks for linking up with 10 Things Tuesday :).

    Oh, man, I could add to this list! My biggest thing is how people make Facebook and Twitter connections define friendships. I culled my Facebook list a couple of months ago. Before I culled it, I did that whole big “I’m going to cull my list, but if you really want to be on it and we don’t usually interact a lot, let me know because I don’t want to upset anyone.” I didn’t cull until a few weeks after that. Still, someone who is never on Facebook much and was even talking about deleting their account took offence to me culling them from my friends list and turned around and not only unfriended me on Twitter, but blocked me as well. I learned from that that our friendship was pretty flimsy, LOL. Why do people take it all so damned seriously?

    I’m addicted to Bejeweled. I’m only ever in first place amongst my Bejeweled playing friends in a couple of them don’t play that week. Some people’s scores are far beyond anything I can even dream of achieving – maybe they cheat, hahaha!

    • Well if there’s a cheat for Blitz, I’d like to know what it is! LOL! Oh yes, people do take the culling very seriously! I didn’t even TOUCH on all that stuff! Probably could have made it Twenty Things Tuesday with this one!

  2. If this really bothers you, and it seems to do just that, what about taking baby steps? Now, I’m grabbing numbers out of my ass, so just bear with me for a minute. lol

    Let’s say you check the phone every 10 minutes throughout the day. On day 1, try adjusting that to every 15min for 2-3 hours at a time. Then, give yourself a break & go back to every 10min/1 hour. After getting your break/fix 😉 go back to 15 minutes for a 2-3hrs again. And go back & forth like that throughout the day. As it gets easier, then adjust the times & time periods until you’re checking your phone at an acceptable frequency.

    Let’s say if you’re on FB 5 hours a day, cut it back to 4.5/day. After 4-5 days, cut it back to 4hrs/day until you get it to a point where you are content with the amount of time that FB sucks out of you. It doesn’t have to be cold turkey or even impossible steps. You can make the adjustments as minor as necessary until you EVENTUALLY get to where you want to be. No step is too small.

    For my health, I thought I had to do huge increments to gradually work myself up to a certain level of activity, but the ladies I spoke with said I could adjust my activity by mere minutes, if I had to. That makes ANYTHING possible.

    If you want this, it CAN be done. You’ve got the chutzpah. 🙂

    You’ve come a long way from before you were married to now having your little man. You’ve accomplished quite a bit. You ave the will & the drive. If you want this, I know you can do this. *big hugs*

    Good luck!!

    • Thanks so much Seeking. Your advice is good. I should just try to cut back bits at a time. I will figure something out. I’m hoping we’ll be so busy the next 6 days or there’ll be enough distraction that I won’t need to constantly check it. I am ashamed to admit how much time I spend looking at Facebook. I’ve never really timed it or added it up but I think your 4-5 hours a day would be close, if not a low figure. 😦 That’s disgraceful. Can’t believe how long we’ve known each other now through blogging (since before it was even called a “blog”!!)

      • I’m not judging. We all have our vices. 🙂

        It HAS been a long time. 🙂 I started on that other nameless site in August of ’01. I think we connected sometime soon after. 🙂

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