Thankful Thursday with Kate

Today I am thankful, so, so, so, so thankful that my son is alive, healthy, happy, and the absolute light of my life.

I know, I repeat myself every Thursday. But a dear friend of mine lost her 3 year old son this week in a horrific, terrifying accident and she is going through every parents worst nightmare and living hell.  And it could just as easily be any one of us parents who has to go through it next. I wish NO parent had to suffer the way my friend is suffering.

And in the face of it all, in her darkest hour, she had the courage, the peace of heart, and peace of mind, to consent to her son’s organs being donated, so that he could give other children the chance to LIVE, a chance he has now lost. For her courage, her generosity, I am also so very thankful, as are a few parents of critically ill children, I’d imagine.

I’m thankful for at least one moderator who had the compassion to take down nasty comments that were made about my friend on a Facebook page. The fact that some people can hide behind a computer screen and spout so much CRAP, hurtful, unfair, and unjustified CRAP is disgusting. I’m glad this moderator put an end to it. In the same breath, I’m thankful for all who have rallied behind my friend and sent messages of love, strength, prayer, peace.

If ever there was a week for me to be thankful for everything I have, this is it. Life can be turned on its head in an instant, the rug swept out from under you. Everyone takes it for granted. Everyone assumes there’ll be tomorrow. It’s not a given.

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8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Kate

    • Thank you. It is completely unimaginable. I’d think whatever we could even begin to imagine it feels like, it’s a gazillion times worse.

    • My husband and I have started to talk about it a couple of times and just have to stop ourselves from going there.

  1. Oh I was just shattered when I saw the news that the little one had died. Unbearable. Sending your friend every blessing during what must be about the worst thing any parent could ever experience.

    And I will be holding my children extra tight in gratitude that they are whole and healthy. Life can change forever in a heartbeat, I don’t ever want to take the blessing of my children for granted.

    Much love to you too xox

    • Thanks Kate. I can’t think of anything worse, as a parent. It puts everything into perspective and then some. I’m a little bit more patient, a little bit more kind and I can’t stop hugging my son. To the point where he’s constantly saying, “Enough mum” or “get off me!”

  2. I was in tears when I heard about that tragedy and I have hugged my kids that much closer ever since. My heart goes out to your friend and I’m horrified that there are people out there who can be so unkind and uncaring in such a terrible situation. What a tragedy.

    • I’d love to meet these people in a dark alley somewhere. I bet they wouldn’t be as brave or outspoken then. Some people just have black hearts (or no hearts).

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