Playing Wordless Wednesday

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12 thoughts on “Playing Wordless Wednesday

    • Thankfully N spends about 3 minutes on the swing, if that, then wants off! When I tell him to kick his legs, he kicks one at a time, resulting in him kind of wiggling all over the place. HA! He’s happy to go down the slide 4000 times though!

    • I know! While my heart has been breaking, and aching, he is oblivious and just so happy that I finally took him outside the house for the first time in 2 days.

  1. I love the park. I’m not one of those Mum’s who dreads going – seriously, the park is the best babysitter in the world, and gives me an excuse to go down the slippery dip with one of the boys!
    Looks like the little man has had a fabbo time!

    • This park was particularly great because it was fenced in. We’ll definitely go back there. And it had things that toddlers could actually climb and play on. There are so many parks with chain things and stuff that N can’t handle yet even at 3, it’s frustrating. Hard to find a great park sometimes!

    • You know, I procrastinated taking him all day, then when I did, he was so happy I felt guilty I hadn’t taken him sooner. We’re spoiled though where we live, it is almost always sunny and doesn’t often get too cold! Hope you and your kids get to enjoy the park a lot more soon.

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