Thankful Thursday with Kate

I have in-laws visiting from overseas. They’re on day 5 of a 20 day trip and today, I am thankful that I am working! I get to breathe, and get space and time to myself. I am also thankful that husband has whisked them all off early for a day of yelling and fighting fun. So I have 2 hours to myself before having to go to work! Thankful. We don’t have a big place, so 7 people living here creates a bit of tension.

And while I’m thankful to be going to work today, I’m also thankful that I have 9 days off after today’s shift. I haven’t had more than 2 days off in almost a year.

I am thankful that tomorrow we leave for 4 days at a beautiful house right on the beach in the northern rivers district. It is big, it has a fenced yard, it has space, and I can’t wait to let the kids go nuts and for me to have somewhere to sit outside and sip on a few wines.

I am thankful that next Wednesday we leave for 4 days in Sydney. I love Sydney! I also love that we get to catch up with friends from the US who are moving to NZ and popping on over to Aus for a week. It was pure fluke that we were going to be in Sydney the same weekend, and I can’t wait to see them! AND to see Mary Poppins!

I am thankful that I have the best kid in the world. I’m even more convinced of this after this week with 3 kids in this house. It’s made me realise how much I love our peaceful little existence as a family of 3. Is there less bickering when there are bigger age gaps between kids? If we have another, I’m thinking 4-5 years between them would be good.

 Yesterday when Kate tweeted asking who felt thankful this week, I responded “Not me!” It is easy to be caught int he woe-is-me, but it is much more lifting, and enlightening to get caught up in the gosh-I-have-a-lot-to-be-thankful-for. Thanks Kate for making me realise I do have SO MUCH to be thankful for!


5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Kate

  1. I’m glad you found reasons to be thankful. The trips sound wonderful – the inlaws, not so much! I found the two year gap between my first two horrible in the early years, but great now that they are 10 and 12. On the other hand, the 4 and 3 year gaps between #2 and #3 and #3 and #4 (are you following this, LOL) were fantastic early only, but not so great as they get a bit older, LOL! Swings and roundabout, swings and roundabouts – also all of mine are boys, so a mix of sexes might be different again! Ask Kate, she’d know!

  2. Can you get them all to piss off so you can come hang with us again? Lol kidding:) I think even if you love someone dearly, time in your face daily is too much (sorry Ant you too lol) but it does make you appreciate what you have when they all leave.

  3. I’m so glad you decided to get your grateful on 🙂 I know for me the times I least feel it is when I most need to take stock.

    I hope you enjoy your time off, you’ve certainly earned it! Have a fabulous holiday!

    Oh and I have 20 months between my older two, then 3.5 yrs then just over 2 yrs (B, G, B, G). It was HARD when my big two were little, the longer gap was a walk in the park by comparison. But the little two are cruisy also 😉

  4. Isnt it lovely to blog about what we are grateful for!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    We have 5 children, 5 years and under, so not sure how it would be different with an age gap. I know that my sister has only 2 boys and they are 10 and 6 and they fight a lot too. Mainly cause the 6yr old wants to hang with the 10yr old and the 10yr old thinks he’s too cool for the 6 yr old!!

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