Unwritten Rules of Facebook

As promised, here are your Unwritten Rules of Facebook. I’m having trouble coming up with as many as I had for the Buffet. Mostly, I’m just trying to think of things that annoy the pants off of me while I’m browsing FB.

I’ll start with the biggest and most-ignored unwritten rule.

1. Don’t announce someone else’s news. This mostly refers to engagements, pregnancies and births. If YOU are not the one engaged, pregnant or giving birth, it is not up to you to tell the rest of FB about someone else who is. Common courtesy would require you wait until said person makes an announcement on their own page, then comment accordingly.

2. Don’t post a picture and running commentary of every meal you eat. Yes, we all eat too. Our bodies require it. You don’t see us posting pictures of it. And if your food looks like shit, even more reason to not share it. Posting pics of food at a fancy restaurant, or a yummy desert is ok on a casual basis.

3. Not only is it annoying, but purely as a safety measure, don’t “check in” at home. You do realise it gives you a map of where your location is, right? It’s fine if you are somewhere cool, like the Lady Gaga concert and would like to rub it in everyone else’s nose, by all means, check in. In addition, I really don’t give two shits if you’re at home watching TV. 10 years ago you wouldn’t have called to tell me that, so don’t post it on FB.

4. En Englaise sil vous plait! That’s fantastic that you’re learning a new language. Good on you! But please don’t let your only FB communication be all en Francaise if your first language, and that of 99.9% of your friends is ENGLISH!

5. FB is not your personal Google! It’s just as quick to type your question in to Google as it was to type it in your status bar.

For rules 2-5, I’m not really that upset about people who do these things. Though they are annoying after a while. Rule #1 though, does my freaking head in. I have a friend who, no matter how many times she’s been asked to remove her status, still announces other peoples news. She’s announced engagements, births, over-seas moves…and I can’t understand why she doesn’t get it?

So, fess up, have you broken any or all of these rules? What would you add? What drives you bonkers on FB?



2 thoughts on “Unwritten Rules of Facebook

  1. My personal rule is not to whinge about my life, for gods sake people don’t need to hear my problems, they are not that bad that I have to broadcast them ( this does not apply to my private groups whe I moan my head off).

    And people stop with the cryptic status updates like “oh I’m so excited” why post that? Just so 10 people can ask why?

    Ok one more…. If your going to say FML, make sure its not over a broken nail. FML should not be used unless your dying, getting divorced, or hanging from a rope.

    Great post, you bought the FB nazi out of me:)

    • I have been guilty of using the “FML” a few times, but I promise it was for much worse than a broken nail! It’s funny when you start thinking about the things on FB that annoy you how many you can come up with, and how pissed off they can make you! LOL!

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