Unwritten Rules of Eating at a Buffet (if you want to get your money’s worth)

I couldn’t decide whether to write this post about the unwritten rules of Facebook, or of Eating at a Buffet. So I think I’ll do the buffet today and Facebook tomorrow. Who knows, maybe along the way I’ll find a whole series of Unwritten Rules of… topics.

Last night my husband and I went to the Casino to see Stomp. We got the dinner and theatre package, and chose to have dinner at Food Fantasy, the buffet. As a side note, it’s $59 to go see the show or $69 to do dinner and the show. Food Fantasy on its own is $45, so it’s a bargain to add dinner, really!

We got there at about 5:30 , and had an hour and a half to eat. We discussed pacing ourselves, as ever sine we’ve become parents, it seems every meal is scoffed faster than the last to make sure we eat it before it’s cold, or before the child wants attention. You parents will know exactly what I’m talking about!

We both started with a salad, and as I stared at my *stacked plate full of spring leaf lettuce, grated carrot, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, red capsicum and sun dried tomatoes, I started to clue into the Unwritten Rules of Eating at a Buffet (if you want to get your money’s worth).

Rule #1. Don’t overload your plate. You want to get a taste of everything, not a full meal of everything.

Rule #2. Don’t have more than one plate of anything. See above.

Rule #2a. And don’t have more than one of any one item of food (e.g. only ONE roast potato, ONE piece of roast pumpkin, ONE profiter roll…etc.).

Rule #3. Don’t eat more than 1 piece/roll of bread.

Rule #4. Don’t eat a plate full of pasta and/or a plate full of rice.

Rule #5. Don’t have more than one glass of any kind of beverage, and try to use what you do have for the sole purpose of washing food down.

Rule #6. DO arrive with plenty of time before you have to leave, so that you can relax and enjoy the food. And try to leave 10 minutes between plates, to let food settle.

Rule #7. DO chew each mouthful of food 72 times.

Rule #8. DO try a little bit of every desert, sharing with your company.

Rule #9. DO try to avoid all the old folk who have been there since breakfast and are trying to eek three meals out for the price of one. They encrouch on your space until you panic pick your food, just so they can get to the last lamb shank.

Rule #10. Lastly, DO make sure your favourite accessory for that night is a large handbag so you can wrap a few deserts and pieces of bread in napkins and take them home with you for later.

Now, off you go, armed and ready to devour the nearest buffet this weekend!

* The salad was so good, I’d happily have one of those every lunch time if someone would just put all the ingredients out for me to dish up to myself!


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