Is Your Husband a Cyber Widower?

Technology. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. And while it makes us dumber, it continues to get smarter. I don’t deny that I am addicted. To facebook, mostly, but also to twitter, instagram, my google reader, email…the list goes on, really.

I read somewhere that people spend, on average, 1.5 hours a day on Facebook. I am ashamed to admit that I spend a lot more than that on there. And I hate it. But I can’t stop. I get…bored? Anxious? If I don’t constantly check and see what the world is up to. I actually noticed the other day, what the time was when I looked at my phone and looked at FB, and it was spaced approximately 10 minutes apart. So clearly my attention span for anything else is 10 minutes before my mind drifts back to wondering if any of my friends have updated their status, posted pictures, checked in, or whatever.

I found this article,  He spends more time looking at his laptop than he does at you and sends emails in bed – are YOU a cyber widow?, that I’m sure would ring true for a lot of couples. In it, it states that:

Research shows we spend almost half our waking hours online, on the phone or watching TV, with 80 minutes a day spent on text messaging, social networking and emailing.

I personally think 80 minutes is a bit low. At least for me! And it’s not that I’m a cyber widow, nor husband a cyber widower. I think we have both been as guilty as each other when it comes to paying more attention to our computers than to each other.

Between FB and twitter, and the 50 blogs I’m subscribed to on Google Reader, plus news sites, eBay, shopping, Google Maps…it makes me wonder what the hell we did before the internet?

While it’s nice to be able to keep up with family and friends all over the world, and know what is going on in their lives, it is also incredibly lazy and impersonal. I noticed at a birthday party the other day that conversation could be a little stilted, because everyone already knows what is going on with everyone thanks to Facebook! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the phrase, “Oh yeah, I saw that on Facebook!” Or, “Did you see what I posted on Facebook about that?”

I think things had gotten bad enough before smartphones came into the mix. Now that I can literally get the internet anywhere and everywhere I am, it’s even worse. How many times have you almost run into someone at the shops because they, or you, are looking at your phone? So often I think I should get a phone that won’t let me on the internet, but I am worried how I’d survive! Having the GPS on there, as well as being able to look up shops/addresses/phone numbers while I’m out and about is a huge help. But is it a necessity? Probably not, I mean, we did manage to survive for years before, right?

I might need to take a page out of Cupcakes Frocks and Pink‘s book and go for a whole week without technology. Could I do it? Could 3 year old Master N do it? Would he understand why we were doing it? Something to consider…watch this space for a demented, crazy person going through withdrawals.



One thought on “Is Your Husband a Cyber Widower?

  1. I have no idea what I did before my iPhone. I’m not so much Facebook or twitter addicted, for me it’s the constant texts, taking photos, hey tell, phone calls. I get stressed trying to fit that all in and be with my kids and do chores.

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