How Do You Treat Others?

I work at a club. It’s a private club, somewhat exclusive, though not infamous. For the most part, members at our club drive Mercedes Benzes, with the exception of a few who drive Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches and BMWs. I can count on two hands the number of members who drive anything “less than” a BMW. However, that doesn’t mean they all have money. Some, quite the opposite, if you look at their account details!

Recently I’ve run into trouble with one of our members. One who falls into the, “I act like I belong here, I pretend like I belong here, but really, I’m barely staying afloat” category. His Mrs has just left him, in part (so goes the rumour) because of the money he claims to have but doesn’t. But I’m sure it’s much more than that.

Money aside, this guy is, quite plainly, a rude asshole. It’s funny really, because you would think that the more money, the higher the level of assholery*, but at my work, the opposite tends to be true. The wealthier ones are the friendlier ones. The ones who truly do belong there and have no insecurities about having to pretend they do, appreciate those of us who work there.

If I’m being honest, I always thought I’d end up being a member of a place like this, not an employee of one. But the majority of the time I really enjoy working there. A LOT of the members are so lovely to talk to and have some great stories. On any given week I can see a range of different people, whose names if I published, you would recognise.

This asshole in question is not worth my time, I know that. I will do the bare minimum that is owed to him as a member of the club, but will make no effort to go above and beyond or be particularly friendly. Why should I? He doesn’t pay anyone there an ounce of respect, and is a whiny pain in the bum during almost every encounter someone has with him. And once he gets a bee in his bonnet, it is there for life. He will bring it up every opportunity he gets.

I would love to ask him to take a look at the way he talks to people and the way he treats people, and then try to identify if he thinks there might be a correlation between that and the reason that no one ever wants to join him.

I guess my point is, no matter who you are, or who you think you are, people deserve respect. I don’t care if they’re your cleaner, your dog walker, your babysitter, your kids teacher…if you are nice to people, you’ll find they are mostly nice back. Some people should really take a step back and look at how they talk to people and how they treat people. Or they’re going to end up lonely, old, miserable people…like this man in question.

How do you treat people?


*If that’s not a word, it really should be!


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