I am the eldest of three girls. Yes, that means I have two little sisters. Only, sometime in the not so recent past, they grew up and are no longer very little. One is married and one engaged, soon-to-be married. They’re both in their late 20s now, and while I think in my mind they are still 14 and 12, they are very much grown, young women.

If you met the three of us, or saw the three of us together, you might not guess straight away that we were even related, let alone sisters. Tall, short, blonde, brunette, blue/hazel/brown eyes … we are a combination of the lot.

We haven’t always got along famously. In fact, until recently, we haven’t really all got along well at all. I lived on the other side of the world for 11 years, which didn’t necessarily help matters. And when I came back, my husband and I lived with The Middle One and her fiance. That screamed “disaster” from the start, and I wish we’d never done it. To cut a long story short, she and I didn’t speak for about 2 years.

But if you asked me today, who the most important people in my world were, they would be up there at the top. Today, the three of us went shopping for TMO’s wedding dress. We did this for The Youngest One as well, but that was when TMO and I weren’t talking. This was a much more fun experience, and something I’m so glad I got to do with both of them. She has found an AMAZING dress. And while it’s not a wedding dress, technically, it is HER. And she will be STUNNING on her wedding day. And TYO and I will be her bridesmaids, and will stand beside her with love in our hearts, and tears in our eyes, as she walks down the aisle without our dad. Which in itself is tragic, as she was the closest to him by far. But we will remember him, and know that he is watching, wishing he was with us.

Having what I have with my sisters, makes me sad that Master N has no brothers. I know there is no guarantee that they would be close, but without a brother, there’s a guarantee they won’t be.



One thought on “Sisters

  1. I’m also the eldest of three girls. It is a relationship unlike any other and those that have never experienced it will never understand. I am very fortunate to be close with both my sisters, they are my best friends and hopefully will be forever. (lovely photo by the way)

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