Hello Universe, It’s Me, Colours.

Do you get messages from the universe?

It could be any kind of message, or sign. Maybe you see something or someone. Maybe THE.PERFECT.SONG for your situation comes on the radio right when you need it to. Or maybe I just read too much into things? Sometimes it gives you closure, sometimes it makes you think about your actions. Sometimes it slaps you right upside the face and makes you re-evaluate everything.

Right now, I feel a bit like the guy on his roof. In the flood. And a boat comes by and rescuers offer to help, and he says, “No, God will help me.” Another boat comes by, same thing happens. A helicopter flies overhead and a rescue guy winches down to rescue him and he says, “No, God will help me.” The man drowns, and gets to God, and says, “Why didn’t you help me?” And God says, “I sent 2 boats and a helicopter, what else did you want?!”

Maybe the universe is sending me the same message over and over and I’m not listening.



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