Playing Point and Shoot

This long weekend has mostly been taken up by work for me, but we did get to have some fun on Saturday when two friends of mine from high school were united in marriage!

The wedding was set to start at 2:30, and we arrived at the location at 2. Way too early for a wedding usually. But not this one! I’m so glad we got there early, and got to see the groom and groomsmen arrive by HELICOPTER. What rock stars!

The Groom’s Transportation

The wedding was held in an outer suburb on the edge of the hinterland, and the overcast weather added a magical element to the rainforesty feel of the property.

16+ years of frienship. Love these girls.

The beautiful centerpieces

The next day we headed out for some greasy eggs and bacon. A true hang over breakfast. My cheeky little man gobbled half of daddy’s omlette.

Love this cheeky boy

 The afternoon was spent at work, where the weather was overcast and quite miserable. The #photoaday challenge photo was “sunset”. Of course it was, the way it was looking, there was no sunset in sight for us! And as soon as I grumbled about it, out came this.

I love pink sunsets

Your turn now…

with Sunny+Scout


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