Going Back To Work. It’s All Too Hard!

Following on from my last post, it really does seem like the Career Me was in another life time. I vaguely remember it, and when I do, I wonder how I was ever capable of doing some of those things. I sometimes wonder if I would ever be capable of it again. Becoming a mother doesn’t only change your body, your mind, your heart, it changes your paradigms. The way I see the world now is very different to the way I saw the world then. I know what is important, but what I think is important is very different to what businesses think is important.

Some women are born to be stay at home mothers. Some women would love to be but don’t have that choice financially available to them. Some women prefer to go back to work for whatever reason. I think I’m a hybrid of all of the above. I enjoy having a job and some income, and getting to interact with other adults. In fact, I’m certain my post-baby brain function has been greatly improved by working. During the first 12 months of my son’s life I could have been a poster girl for Baby Brain (btw, to hell with the male “experts” who say it doesn’t exist!).

But I have to say, and I hate saying these words, It. Is. So. Hard. What is hard, I hear you ask. Every option! Being a stay at home mum? Hard. Being a part time working mum? Hard. Being a full time working mum? Hard! It is ALL hard! Yet as a group we manage to convince ourselves our plight is harder. And of course, for us it is, because it is happening to us!

No matter which option we pick, we are making a sacrifice. Sacrificing time, money, brain function, sanity!

My ideal job is Monday, Thursday, Friday, 8-3 or 8-4, in an office, preferably a busy one, with other adults to work with and interact with. Do you know how many of these jobs exist? I don’t. Not exactly, but I do know that for every one of these jobs that exists, there also exists about 600 women who also think it’s their ideal job. The odds are not in our favour.

I was lamenting the issue to a coworker of mine who suggested I go back to uni and finish my masters. “Why?” I said. “So I can get a full time job with a company who will want me to devote Monday to Friday 8-6 every day to their bottom line? So that I can send my son to school and then send him to after school care so that I can have a career?” Needless to say my coworker most likely won’t bring that one up again.

The fact is, I’m years away from a regular full time job. Until then I have to keep finding these casual and part time jobs that will let me “have it all”. Because really, isn’t that what everyone wants? To have it all? A bit of income, adult interaction, but still plenty of time with our kids. To be there for them when they go to school and come home from school?

I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all figured out. Now I just have to find that Ideal Job and figure out how to beat out the other 600 women who want to fight me for it.


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