The Beautiful Dreamworld Tigers

This week’s point-and-shoot brought to you by the beautiful tigers at Dreamworld. They’re absolutely gorgeous – as long as that fence and moat and bush stay between me and them.

The oldest tiger in the pack, and the least cooperative. No longer wants to be on show.

Walking on his hind legs to get his milk. Very bribable.

Leaning on the handler, but mostly supporting himself.

Sitting up tall. So beautiful.

Jumping for a chunk of chicken. That is a BIG. CAT.

“If you’re being chased by a tiger, climbing trees won’t help.” Good to know.

with Sunny+Scout

7 thoughts on “The Beautiful Dreamworld Tigers

  1. Wow!! That kitty leaping for chicken was amazing!! They’re so big & so powerful!! I’ve always wanted to have a pet lion, but logistically… can’t afford it nor do I have space. But it would be sooo cool!!

  2. Cats are the BEST!! Do you think you’ll get another pet in the future for N? If so, dog or cat or both?

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