How motivational is it to see improvement???

If you had told me a year ago, that one day I’d be out in the park at 7 am on a Saturday with 80 other people, preparing to run 5 kms, I’d probably have laughed in your face. Mostly because, I don’t run. In fact, in the past I’ve proudly proclaimed that the only time I run is if I’m being chased.

Not anymore!

My goal was to finish the 5 km in 40 minutes or better. Having never run 5 kms before, I felt sure this was unrealistic, and that I wasn’t actually going to make it the whole way. My husband, who IS a runner, stayed with me the whole way (even after being asked at least 5 times to leave me die in peace) and encouraged me right to the finish line. 40:37 was my final time. 

This morning I was still in a bit of hurt from that 5k run, but I put on the shoes and went out for a 3.7k run, completing it 2 minutes quicker than I did last Friday!

I’d like to say I’m enjoying it, but I’m not really. What I do enjoy is the feeling I get from doing it, the amazing shower after it (seriously, shower after running is the best shower I’ve ever experienced), and feeling better about myself for having done it. And of course seeing improvement in my times.


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