Starting Over

A while ago I started running every other day, in hopes of being ready to run a 10k in September. Unfortunately, 2 weeks into my training, my ankle swelled to the size of a tennis ball and I could barely put any weight on it. After an ultrasound and x-ray, doctors determined it was a low grade stress injury – aka they had no idea what the hell had happened, but I’d done it while running, so it must have been a stress injury.

After about 12 weeks off, I decided to strap the old running shoes (really, they’re brand new, they’ve only been worn about 14 times) on and hit the pavement again. I started off with a small 2k jolk (jog/walk) last Sunday, and it’s taken me all week, but I finally got back out there this morning and did a 3.68km jolk this morning. And you know, afterwards, I felt so great! Fresh air, oxygen to my brain, getting the heart rate up…

It took me 32 minutes, which considering I’m not a runner, I thought that was pretty good. Now a friend of mine who IS a runner has told me about a free 5 km run every Saturday morning that is timed. She’s doing it tomorrow and told me I should come along. If my pace is 8 minutes a km, it’s going to take me 40 minutes to do the 5k run. After looking at the results of the last run, the only people running that slow are all over 50!

(some time later…)

After posting that and talking to my husband, and emailing with my mother (the babysitter!)…we are registered for the run.

God help me! I’m starting to hope those nutters  people saying tomorrow is the end of the world are right!


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