Reasoning With Toddlers

Before I was a mum, I thought I would smack my children. Before I was a mum, I thought the idea of reasoning with a child, toddler or otherwise, was absurd. Children can’t REASON or NEGOTIATE!

How wrong was I?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve learned a valuable lesson in dealing with Nick’s tantrums. As long as you give him warning, or a proposition, and negotiate the terms with him, he’ll pretty much do what you want him to.

For example, last week he was playing Wii (which has since been put away indefinitely, but that is for another blog post!) and when we told him it was bed time, he had a major melt down (yes, that is to do with the Wii going away indefinitely). We said he could play ONE more game of Mario Tennis, then it was bed time. So he played ONE more game, gave daddy the remote, and walked to his bedroom!

One more, mummy

Another example happened last night. He wanted to play with his train set, and I wanted him to go to bed. After a few minutes of arguing, I went into negotiation mode. “Fine. You can play trains while I go and get you a cup of water. But when I come back, it’s bedtime,” I announced. “Otay mummy” he said, in his cutest almost-3-year old voice.

I went to get his water, responded to a text message, and walked back into his room, declaring it was time for bed. And do you know what he did? He put the train down, walked over to his bed and got in it without a word.

Jaw, meet floor.

It is hard to say no to a kid begging “Pweeeeease!” with his fingers intertwined in prayer.

Are you asking me, or God?

Turns out kids are the best negotiators in the world.


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