In Honour of The Royal Wedding

In honour of The Royal Wedding, FMS and Sunny+Scout have walked down memory lane, to the day they said, “I Do”.

I was blogging on livejournal when we got married. Here’s my first post as Mrs.

So, I’m married.

If I’d had a crystal ball to see how the last 4 days were going to go, I would have said to hell with it and eloped. I’m going to spend the next year paying off a wedding that will probably bring nothing but bad memories for the next 60 years. It rained, I got the flu (as in fevers, sweats and achy body…the night before!), there was family drama, the hair salon did my hair so it looked like I had a piece of shit on my head and we re-did it at the hotel…weddings are so overrated.

Hahaha! It’s true, the 12 months of planning all culminated me feeling incredibly run down and sick. I barely had a half a glass of champagne, and the whole week still is a blur. Maybe this is why I’m obsessed with weddings? I’m trying to make up for the big let down mine was? I know it really wasn’t that bad, I just wish I hadn’t felt so rotten and could have really enjoyed it more. I was in such a drug-induced fog I barely remember any of it. At least I have these few nice pics to remember it by. Even then though, I skimped on the photography, got a cheap film photographer, and we of course have NO negatives or any way of re-printing any of our pics. If only I knew then, what I know now. I am ALWAYS telling friends to make their photography budget a priority. In 20 years, they really are the only tangible things that will be left of your wedding day.

Here is my second post as a Mrs. Finally I was able to see the positives of it all.

The day of the wedding I felt like shit. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out of bed and envisioned being married in the hotel lobby in my pjamas. There were really only two great highlights of the day. One of them was when the guy said, “By the power vested in me by the state of Florida, I pronounce you man and wife.” Here’s the other…

I was sitting getting my nails done at the salon and in walks one of my brother-in-laws, Timmy. He has 3 roses, a locked box, and a card. In the box is my wedding gift. There’s a note inside the card that says I will receive 3 more “clues”, and each will be accompanied by 3 roses. A bit cryptic, but oh well. My bridesmaids were all excited – I just felt plain ill! 

The second clue arrived in my mum’s hotel room after we got back from getting hair done. It was some pieces to a jigsaw puzzle in a beach pail filled with sand and a little stuffed dog whose collar said, “I love you”. And 3 more red roses.

Mike’s brother knocked on the door and we thought he had the 3rd clue, but in fact he had the key to the reception hall across the way! My sister was convinced the 3rd clue was in there, so we headed over. On the way we saw Mike! The clue was not in the hall, however Mike, knowing we were on our way over there, sent his brother Joe to the room with clue #3. More pieces to the jigsaw puzzle in another pail with another dog whose collar said, “I love you”. And 3 more red roses. There was also a folder with a piece of paper in it. 

The final clue arrived and the jigsaw puzzle was complete! There were 3 holes cut into the puzzle that fit over numbers on the piece of paper (which was covered in numbers, letters and puncutation marks). There were also the 3 final red roses. A dozen all told! The 3 numbers made up the combination for the lock on the box! I opened it and found inside a beautiful Tiffany necklace! 

There was also a poem…here it is

Our Love Together

The day has arrived where you become my wife
Together we’ll stand to start our new life
Til death do us part forever it shall be
Joined hand in hand next to he sea

A difficult journey has brought us here
Falling from our eyes each a quiet tear
Of joy and love deep from within
Our life together is about to begin

My love for you I have not told
But love you I will as we both grow old
To be with you when we’re old and gray
And be next to you every night and day

The smile on your face and love in your eyes
A soft gentle touch makes this grown man cry
The trust in your voice and the truth in your heart
But kindness within is only a start

The quiver I have, the love that I know
Allt he feelings for you that I do not show
Weak in the knees and a smile in my heart
Are some of my feelings but its only a start

How safe I feel, when you are near
How strong I become when you shed a tear
But most of all and least that I show
Is how much I Love You with all of my soul

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