A Fairytale of Epic Proportions

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my (unhealthy) obsession with weddings before. And how I could spend countless hours at my computer, staring at wedding photos of people I don’t even know. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is about them that makes me so giddy. I wasn’t the little girl who dreamed of what her wedding would involve. I was the little girl who dreamed of what her corner office with 10 feet mahogany double doors would look like. I can’t tell you when that vision changed from corner office to white dresses and bouquets, but it did. I wish we had the kind of money Heidi and Seal have, so that we could have a wedding every year on our anniversary!

So it should come as no surprise that this week has me SUPER giddy with excitement, almost to the point of delirium! In TWO DAYS we get to watch Prince William marry his love, Kate. Or Catherine, as she now wishes to be called (hate to tell her, but that didn’t work so well when Katie wanted to be known as “Kate Holmes” and I don’t think it will work for her either!). My mention of Kate’s Fairytale Life is often met with comments about how its NOT a fairytale, that they (people I’m speaking with) wouldn’t want that kind of life, the pressure, the scrutiny, the hoard of paparazzi following your every move. “Look at how that turned out for Diana” is the favourite quip. But Kate is not Diana. And more importantly, William is not Charles. A million times over, he is NOT Charles. And a major difference is that for Kate, there is no Camilla. That in itself should be reason to believe that Kate will have the fairytale ending that Diana didn’t get. And finally, there is no way William will let history repeat itself, and let what happened to his mother, happen again.

If you need proof it is a fairytale, all you have to do is compare it to a real relationship. Kate and Wills dated for 8 years before she finally got her engagement. In a REAL relationship, Wills would have had the ultimatum thrown at him 4 years ago. “Marry me or I’m moving on!”  He would have proposed, they would have fought their way to the altar and quite possibly already been on the edge of divorce. Alternatively, they’d have broken up, and he’d have gotten engaged after dating The Next Woman for less than 6 months.

When Wills and Kate broke up because he was 24 years old, too young to marry, tempted by other beautiful women and not paying Kate enough attention, a real relationship would have ended and she’d have moved on. But this is a Prince we are talking about. Heir to the most opulent of royal thrones in the world. Who moves on from that without a fight? So Kate let William have his 2 months of freedom but was, of course, willing to take him back the second he came running. Ok, so maybe there’s nothing “fairytale” about that, but the girl is not stupid.

In my book, never having to cook a meal, wash a dish, hang out the laundry, scrub the toilets or do the vacuuming = fairytale.

Having an unlimited budget for your wedding, designers vying for the privilege of making your dress, inviting dignitaries from all over the world, and getting married in front of more than a billion people worldwide? Fairytale.

Having a whole island to yourself with staff to wait on you hand and foot for your honeymoon? Fairytale.

Living in a palace? Fairytale.

Traveling the world with your charming King-In-Waiting? Fairytale.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you its a fairytale, while a real wife gets “Mrs” added to the front of her name, Kate will become “Princess” Catherine of Wales (possibly). Definitely Fairytale.

Who wouldn’t want that life? Even if for just one day? This is the stuff Hollywood is made of, playing out in real life.

My knock off ring for our viewing party


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