Mother’s Day

Do you know what REALLY irritates me? Well, there are several things, but for the sake of this post, what REALLY irritates me, is when there’s a holiday just around the corner, be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and companies start advertising “The Perfect” gift.

I got an email today, from apple. I am a proud apple user – iMac, iPhone, iPod. The email was about getting mum an iTouch for Mother’s Day. iTouches start at $259. This is extravagant, yes, but not as extravagant as some things I’ve seen advertised in the past.

I always hate the lead up to Christmas, when you see ads for ride-on lawn mowers, for dad, in the thousands of dollars, espresso machines from Myer for mum, also in the thousands of dollars, CAR COMPANIES….seriously!? I vividly remember Lexus one year, centred their Christmas advertising campaign around mum being woken up by dad Christmas morning and given a key. Out in the driveway is a ribbon around a Lexus SUV. Give me a freaking break.

Do you know what my perfect mothers day present is? A “Mum” coffee mug. Or a “I ♥ Mum” picture frame. Both less than $10. At the very most, some Peter Alexander PJs or slippers or something would be ok. But absolutely no more extravagant than that.

It’s just another example of consumerism at it’s finest. The thing is, I don’t begrudge people getting any of those items. Who wouldn’t love a new Lexus, or a new espresso machine? What I do begrudge is companies using holidays as an excuse to push them on us, to make us feel like it is about how much you spend on presents, not how much time you spend with your family.

Maybe I’m over reacting. How many people see those ads and say, “Oh, I was wondering what to get my wife for Christmas. A new Lexus is a perfect idea!” Maybe I’m just jealous because there has never been a brand new car in my driveway for Christmas.


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