Colours Of Sunset

Well I was impatient. I wanted chasingsunset but long story short, can’t have it.

I didn’t really want to use my son’s name in it because I do hope that we have another child sooner rather than later, and then I’d just have to change it again.

I have found myself every day, completely drawn to the sunset, so I knew I wanted that to be in it. Then the other day I took this picture

I posted it to Instagram with the caption “Colours of Sunset”.

And now here I am.

I had been posting at the old address for almost 4 years. I can’t believe it, it must be some sort of record for me! But am excited to be able to publicise the new one without worrying about my real name being out there. If you could all (all 3 of you) update your RSS feeds/favourites/whatever you use to read your blogs, that would be great.

Thanks for your input, and for following along.


3 thoughts on “Colours Of Sunset

  1. Nice! I can’t get it on my feed anymore, my iPad doesn’t recognize it for some reason. Is anyone else having trouble? It’s pretty nifty with the swipe thing!

  2. Nope, IPad definitely not a fan, I can’t get off your comments page now, I’m swiping all over the place;) Well, I’ll just have to stay here…..

  3. Nessy, there’s an option on the Notify page to get an email every time a post is made. You could try that?

    Thanks for the email, A. The feed works beautifully for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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