Do you have goals? What are they? Do you have deadlines for your goals?

I’m not very good at setting goals, but I’m good at wanting to do things and then for one reason or another, not doing them. I have probably used every excuse under the sun, in the past, for not exercising, not doing x, y or z.

Friends of mine are running the 10k Bridge to Brisbane in September. That is 8 months away. I have found myself, lately, wanting to be a runner. But like most adults, when I decide I want to do something or be something, I want to be able to do it or be it right away. I don’t have patience for training, learning, and all that comes with BECOMING something you aren’t.

So this, my friends call for people to join them in the 10k B2B,¬†presented a challenge to me. It’s a pre-set deadline, so no excuses. I want to be able to commit to doing this run, doing it, and feeling the glory, the pride, the accomplishment at the finish line.

In the back of my head I am thinking “My back is REALLY f*&%ed up” and “I would need to buy real running shoes, and money is tight” and “How do I get hubby to help with training with a 2.5 year old who hasn’t had to sit in a stroller for a very long time?” … do you see? The excuses are building already.

But I have a few things going for me. Support. Support from friends and hubby, that I CAN do this, and that I WILL do it, if I want to do it. The B2B website actually has a training program on it. I’ve already scouted the first week program for beginner’s and thought it sounded fairly easy (could those be famous last words or what?). I’m writing this blog, and I’ve put my desire to compete in this 10k on twitter…how does that help? Accountability. Inspiration. Natalie wasn’t a runner, but she trained herself to become one.

So the chances I can actually do this are fantastic. The odds I WILL actually do it are a bit less so, but that all lies within me. And me only. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Nice post:) And yes you can do it. For me the key is to book in fun runs (like the b2b or any other 5, 10, 21 km races) every few months, so there’s always something to train for. The last thing you wanna do, which is hard for us thinkers, is to over think running. Just put the damn shoes on when you can, once a day, and get out the door before you have a brain debate. You have time. We all do. I actually dress in my training gear in the morning, and sometimes i cant run until late arvo, but im ready whenever time allows me. And don’t worry about perfect shoes, just get out there in whatever you have. Xx

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