A Letter To Nicklas

(Dated January 17th)

Dear Nicklas,

I had to leave for work before you got up this morning, which is both good and bad. Its good because it is so hard to leave when you’re awake and giving me smiles and cuddles. But it is bad because it is hard to leave without getting those smiles and cuddles.

Your dad is going back to work today, after 3 weeks holiday. He has loved getting to spend so much time with you. He’s taken you to the beach, the rockpools, Dreamworld, the park…we both wish there was more time for all those things.

You are growing up so fast. You’re only 2.5 years old but you are already so sweet, kind, happy…people often tell me what a gentle and kind nature you have. The girls at your kindy adore you and my friends love you to bits. While you can at times make us crazy, your dad and I think the absolute world of you and love you more than anything. You make us laugh every day with your dancing, talking and general silliness.

I hope that as you are reading this, you are still a smiley, happy boy – or young man – with your sweet, gentle and kind nature. I hope you know – I hope we’ve told you enough – that you can be anything and do anything you dream of being or doing. I hope you dream big, and don’t settle for mediocrity. We only get one chance at life and I hope you grab hold of it with both hands, and hang on tight. Figure out what makes you happy. Do it. Make your life count.

That is enough of a life lecture from me…for now. I love you so, so, SO much Nicklas. I hope that over the years I’ve shown and told you that every way possible.

All my love,


2 thoughts on “A Letter To Nicklas

  1. Wow. The first post in your blog I’ve read and I’m so inspired. What a wonderful idea, to express in letters, so that one day your beautiful happy big boy can read years of thoughts. I’m so copying you!!!

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