Surgery, hospitals, and hospital TV shows

My husband and I started watching Grey’s Anatomy the second season it was on. After we watched that, we downloaded the first season and watched it almost straight the way through.

I have loved watching hospital-based shows – E.R, Chicago Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs…

Until this morning.

It takes on a whole different meaning when you are the one in the gown, on the bed, being wheeled into the operating room.

A few weeks ago I had an ultrasound that showed a possible polyp in my uterus. The Dr said it was nothing to lose sleep over, and that he removed 5 of these a week on average. He said it was not urgent that it came out, but that it did have to be taken care of. We scheduled surgery for today.

This morning mum came to watch Nick while hubby took me to hospital. Once there, I realised I’d forgotten my admission paperwork, so hubby turned around and went home to get it while I got checked in. I was given a very stylish gown, cap and pair of paper panties to settle into and wait. I was second in line behind a c-section, barring any emergencies with babies that wanted to be delivered. They guessed I’d be in theatre by 7:45. I thought that quite efficient, since I’d only checked in at 6:30.

I should have known it would be at least 8:15 by the time they came to get me. The waiting was almost unbearable. It is always the worst part, no matter how much you try to tell yourself that nothing is happening RIGHT.THEN there is no need to panic! They wheeled me back, and I said goodbye to my husband, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time I saw his face! I’d already almost completely lost it when I said goodbye to my son that morning, again, hoping it wasn’t the last cuddle and kiss I’d get from him.

Once I was outside the operating theatre, my Dr came and saw me to tell me he had to step out for 20 minutes and go do an ultrasound. Thankfully the anaesthetist (Barry) came in not long after and kept me company for a little while. He was great! And very lovely and funny. Its so nice to get Dr’s with good bedside manner!

He put the line in my arm, no problems. Once my Dr. came back, Barry gave me the thumbs up and inserted the first drug. I was wheeled into the theatre and the only thing I noticed was the huge lights. They asked me to scott over to the operating table, and I did. Dr. Ben held my hand while Dr. Barry did his job and that’s the last I remember. Next thing I know I was waking up with a sore throat and headache (sore throat brought on by tube that had been down my throat and headache, as it turned out, from drip being blocked and not getting enough fluids!). Some pain killers and water and 15 minutes later I was feeling much better. I was given a sandwhich, crackers and tea and hubby and Nicklas came to pick me up.

Nick looked a bit concerned to see mum under a blanket with something sticking out of her arm, and climbed up with me and gave me lots of cuddles and kisses. He is the absolute best kid EVER (sorry to all my mum friends – this one takes the cake!).

I found it a bit odd that the Dr. didn’t come and tell me how things had gone. I have to make an appointment at his office in the next week (but we’ll be out of town so it will have to be when we get back) to get the results. I’m hoping we’ll also get all our receipts to take to medicare by then too! I can’t believe how much out-of-pocket expenses there are, even when you HAVE private insurance! What a croc!

There is nothing quite like finding yourself going in for a hospital procedure to make you really think about things. Things like your life and your beliefs. I found myself this morning, thinking that it was NOT my time to go (even though this is a common, small procedure, I’m one of those people who always considers the “worst case scenario”. It is awful!) and I have so much more to do. I need more time with Nick, the chance of having another kid, more adventures to be had. But then I also found myself thinking, “Ok so if something does go wrong, where am I going? What will happen to me? Will I see dad? My grandparents? Friends who have passed?” I found myself praying, while waiting for Dr. Ben to come back from his ultrasound! And that almost brought me to tears, so I had to stop, before I looked like a real idiot, bawling before they’d even stuck me!

All-in-all, it was a great experience. But one I hope I don’t ever have to go through again! And not how I thought I’d be starting the new year!


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