2010 Review

In keeping with tradition, I’ve decided now would be a good time to write my 2010 review. Even though there’s technically still 10 more days left in the year.

I started the year off on anti-depressants for post-partum depression. I really found they helped a LOT without giving me any nasty side effects. I could still feel emotion, but the daily thoughts and struggles that used to make me want to stay in bed were gone. I didn’t stay on them long, but I’m glad I went on them and was lifted out of the fog. I know some people aren’t as lucky to have medication work so well, so quickly for them.

In April I shot 2 weddings, my very first 2, and they both went well. In July I followed that up by shooting my sister’s wedding. I really enjoyed it, and while its still something I’d love to do for a living one day, accumulating photography equipment is an expensive endeavor and this just isn’t the right time.

(side note: I’m going back through  my blog to help me remember what happened this year and I didn’t even blog in April, June or July!)

My mother-in-law and one of my brother-in-laws spent a few weeks out here mid June to early July and had a great visit. I’m so glad they got to see where we are living, and meet our family and friends here. It was fun to visit Sydney with them and do all the touristy things on the Gold Coast like feed kangaroos and cuddle koalas, etc.

My sister and I mended our relationship after more than 2 years of not speaking. It was definitely a message from above, as about 6 months later, we lost our dad. It was a complete shock and not at all expected. For the 3 of us sisters to be able to support each other through that has been a huge comfort.

So the month of October passed in very much of a blur, and I am glad I made a few posts in that month and talked about the anger, confusion, grief that I was going through. I think its the only way I’ll remember what I felt. The only thing I remember vividly is my sister telling me he was gone and the denial and shock and literally breathlessness I felt in that moment. I remember like it was yesterday. Some days, it might as well have been yesterday.

November I decided to do a 30-day blog challenge in the hopes that it would get me back into blogging. In some respects it has worked, as I’ve written a few blog posts since the challenge. But I still find myself often with nothing to say or write about. For the last few months, well, since dad died really, I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself. I can’t seem to stop thinking that I have been given the short end of the stick, and have a rough lot in life. It’s only been the last couple of days, since I found Lara Casey, that my mind, my attitude and my outlook on life has really started to change.

Throughout the year, I managed to complete my graduate certificate in business, and did so earning 3 distinctions and a high distinction. Now when I am feeling ready to complete my masters degree, I should be able to get into any program I want. But until then, I’m going to take a little bit of a break.

I also switched jobs, after being made redundant when Palm Meadows closed. It was a blessing in disguise for me as I have ended up working at a place where the staff and members are so great to work for and be around. I’m very lucky!

I hope that 2011 is going to be full of positivity, happiness, good thoughts and feelings, and really focusing on enjoying life, rather than moping about everything that is wrong with it. I think as long as I keep finding inspiration, and keep reminding myself that if you want to be surrounded by positive, happy people and things, you have to be positive and happy yourself.


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