Another Challenge

Do you see what happens when I don’t have a blog challenge to stick to? I go days without posting.

I keep thinking about things to blog about, while I’m nowhere near the computer, and then later on can’t remember what the ideas were. I know, I need to start writing them down, or making a voice message for myself on my phone. My phone has all kinds of tools that would allow me to make a record of my ideas to follow up later.

Speaking of phones, a friend of mine was robbed at gun point in the parking lot of her friend’s apartment complex. They took her phone, and proceeded to post lewd statuses on her facebook page. And it got me thinking, if my phone was stolen, or if I misplaced it and someone else picked it up, what would they be able to tell about me?

First of all, they could get into my facebook page which has my full name, home town and birthday in it. I don’t have my address or any phone numbers listed. I have all my appointments and upcoming events in my iCal. I have family and friends names/phone numbers/addresses/birthdays in there. I have over 400 pictures of my son. Perhaps its not much, but it is probably enough to figure out when I won’t be home (not that they’d necessarily know my address, but perhaps they could find it – they have my name and hometown!), potentially enough (name, address, DOB) to steal my identity. They have my whole life in my iPhone.

Thankfully, all these wastes of space took off my friend was her wallet and phone. She had her car keys in her hand, and they didn’t take or ask for them. While I say “all” they wanted was money and the phone, I’m sure they took much more than that. Her sense of security, her sense of safety. My friend lives by herself, probably in a similar complex to the one in which she was robbed. Not to mention her friend who lives IN that complex. They have taken her sense of safety, also.

We fall all over this technology that keeps us connected at all times. We feel naked or lost when we forget to take our phones with us. I’ll admit to being guilty of actually going home to GET my phone! But are they more trouble than they’re worth?

With facebook you can “check in” to places on your phone and all your friends can see where you are. This is fine, as long as your phone never falls into the wrong hands. All of a sudden, some stranger who may or may not want to harm you, can see everywhere you have been. And Heaven Forbid you’ve created a “check in” for HOME. Now they know where you live, and may or may not have your keys.

I guess the chance of actually being robbed at gunpoint is probably fairly slim. But that is no comfort to my friend. And while we can’t live our lives worried about what MIGHT happen, we also can’t live our lives ignoring the same.

3 thoughts on “Another Challenge

  1. I’m sure this is on your iPhone as it’s on my iPod Touch. I have it set to lock after 4 hours of not being used. Then, it requires a password to use it again. Then, I have another setting that says if it takes more than so many failed password attempts to erase everything on the iPod. I don’t know the logistics of how that would work for the iPhone, but I’m sure they’ve worked out something in the design.

    • The only problem with that, and having a toddler, is that when you open the phone and get to the passcode screen, you can hit “emergency call” and its too easy for little fingers to make those emergency calls.

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