The Circus Is In Town

Actually, its not.

Oprah is.

Same thing.

For the next 2 weeks, Oprah and her audience of 300 will be in Australia. While it hasn’t got the kind of media attention say, the Olympics gets, it is quite a huge event for Australia. They are treating her like a dignitary and amping up security (at a hefty cost to the NSW tax payers) to the level of Obamaness.

A news article I read stated that Australia paid $2.3M to “lure” Oprah downunder and that her trip is expected to bring in over $17M in tourism revenue.

How? Where do they get these numbers? I’d be curious to see. And was the $2.3M an actual donation to Oprah, or some other payment? What does it include?

I guess the hope is that Oprah’s millions of viewers will see the shows from Australia and all jump online and book tickets out here themselves. On the one hand it will be interesting to see how the country is represented in her shows.

Carrie Bickmore has come under criticism for her video to Oprah in which she insinuates that Aussies love to gather at McCafes to drink gourmet coffee and have business meetings or girlie catch ups. If people watched the whole video, they’d see that was about 15 seconds of the whole thing, and so what? It’s TRUE. We do have McDonalds, but it is different. And McCafes are as good a place as any to get a nice coffee.

Ultimately, there is no point fighting it, because She is here. So let’s give all 300+ of them a warm welcome and send them home to tell all their friends how wonderful this country is, and what an amazing place it is to visit!




One thought on “The Circus Is In Town

  1. Wow. Yeah, I’m curious how they come up with the revenue number. Where that money is spent & by who, etc. Interesting. šŸ™‚ Regardless, with those numbers, I’d say the government made a good investment. šŸ™‚

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