Toilet Training musings

Recently we have started to think about and talk about toilet training with Nicklas. I have to admit, I’ve been dreading this day since he was born. Its one thing to change a nappy, its another to have to clean up poo and pee from every corner of the house and wash 20 pairs of nickers each day.

We’ve been trying to tell Nick that he has to do wees and poos in the toilet now, that he’s a big boy and only babies wear nappies. He started to say wee, but didn’t get the whole “poo” thing.

Until recently.

“Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo.” Now he says it, over and over and over.

This would be fine. Except that he’s also started to say “poo” when he sees a pool or we talk about swimming.

You can imagine the kind of confusion this has been causing. He says, “Poo!” and I say “You want to do a poo?” “No, no poo…POO!” I take him and put him on the toilet, all the while he’s saying “no, no poo.”

We went to the recently-opened rock pools with a couple of friends last week and while they’re playing, Nick says, “Poo!” Now, I’m not sure if he is meaning poo, or POOL, but I don’t really want to take the chance and end up watching a POO floating down the rock pool river. Thankfully he’s in a swim nappy, so its not the end of the world if he does do a poo, but I take him out of the pool anyway.

No poo, POO! He wants to play in the POO! Ok, so he does mean pool. This time.

Who decided summer was a good time to toilet train??



3 thoughts on “Toilet Training musings

  1. That’s too funny!!

    My fave author shared these about his son, Limeboy, the other day. I thought you might appreciate them. 😀

    @BrandonSandrson Wed Nov 24
    Limeboy gets the words “Accident” and “Excellent” mixed up. In most cases, this creates a much more awesome life for him.

    @BrandonSandrson Wed Nov 24
    For example, this morning, when he didn’t quite make it to the potty: “I went on the floor. It was a EXCELLENT, Daddy.”


  2. I just read this somewhere. Did you retweet it? Or maybe I am following him? Hmmm, I know I read it before! That is hilarious!

  3. Oh, I blogged it. You probably read it there. I don’t think Sanderson’s books are really your thing. (Fantasy.)

    Oh the adventure of parenting! Toilet training has always been a fear of mine, as well. Your going to do just fine. Wishing you the best!!

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