day 26 – what do you think about your friends

Friendships are funny things, aren’t they?

I’m fortunate enough to have friends all over the world. I’ve mentioned before, that I’ve always been fortunate to make good friends wherever I go. There are people around the world who at one point or another I have been super close to, who I have lost touch with. While it makes me sad, I know it is destined to happen. When you put so much distance between people, it is really difficult to maintain that level of intimacy in a friendship that is so easy to cultivate when together.

But, like most people, I think the world of my friends. Their happiness is my happiness, their sorrows are my sorrows. I hope my friends know that no matter what is going on in their lives they can talk to me about it and I will celebrate, commiserate, or cry with them, whatever the occasion calls for.

There are a few times in life when you really get to find out who your true friends are. And I know everyone I count as one of my friends is around for the long-haul.

Growing up, as a golfer, most of my friends were guys. It was just the nature of the sport. But I love that as a grown woman, a mom, a sister, and daughter, I have so many fantastic women in my life who I can call at the drop of the hat and have a laugh, a cry, or just a good conversation with. Women need women, I think.

On that note, my 2.5 year old needs me, and needs a “tull” (cuddle).


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