day 24 – a letter to your parents

So, I’ve had a 30-day blog challenge FAIL and didn’t post yesterday. I offer no excuses, tell you no lies. I just didn’t even think about it. Between the water park, tennis, and girls night out, I had a lot going on!

Now I sit down, with 45 minutes to go until I have to leave for work, and I see the title of the blog I was supposed to write yesterday. This could take longer than 45 minutes to put together. But I’ll give it a go.

Dear Mum & Dad,
I know you both did your best. And now that I’m older, married and have a child of my own, I understand why there were problems. I understand how incredibly difficult it is to balance everything and to be a good parent as well as a good spouse. I understand where the frustrations and angers came from and I know that it is sometimes impossible to control those emotions. There have been plenty of times over the last 20 years that I’ve wished things had been different, that I’d had parents who were so happy and ridiculously in love, but that’s not how it was. And I don’t dwell on it. I know you always did what you thought was best for your three girls, and I think we have all turned out pretty good. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you to make the choices and decisions you made. Thank you for giving me life, and for raising me to be a caring, independent person.
Love Me.

So I wimped out and took the easy route. Sometimes drudging up the past does no good at all.


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