day 17 – someone you would want to switch lives with for a day and why

Ok so my initial thought was that I would want to be someone like Oprah Winfrey. I could do so much good in just one day, and when I was done making sure all the needy people in the world were taken care of, I’d make sure I made a wire transfer into the Wezner account that would make sure we were looked after for a long time!

Then I thought, no, that is cliche and selfish. I’d love to do good for others, but ultimately I’d be doing it for the money for us. So I thought Michelle Obama would be a good choice. She is someone that is admired and respected the world over and is SMART and exemplifies something all women want to be – their own woman, while also supporting the man they love and raising two wonderful children. Women want it all, and Michelle Obama

Then I stopped and thought, what a long way we have come, that I can sit here, wanting to switch lives with anyone in the world, and the first two that come to my mind are black women. And I bet those two women would be on MOST women’s lists of who they would want to be for a day.

On a bit more of a superficial level, I’d love to be Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift for a day – what amazing talents! Plus I’d love to be a country music rock star!

So there ya go, I either want to be a black woman or a hillbilly country music blondie for a day. Interesting combo, don’t you think?



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