Day 11 – another picture of you and your friends

I guess I went overboard with my first post that asked for pics of me and my friends. And I posted ALL the pics I have of me and my friends!

Never fear, I managed to scrounge up this one. These are some of our core friends from Atlanta. Boy do I miss hanging out with them.

I have had a really long day. I’ve been up since before 5, spent almost 8 hours at work, came home, went and printed Christmas cards, then went to a bbq with my sisters and grandmother. It took my husband an hour to cook the food because the council bbq people can’t manage to maintain all their bbq’s properly (must remember to write a note tomorrow). Now it is 8:45 and I’m going to bed. So I can study for my Tuesday night exam all day tomorrow before I go to work for 5 hours in the afternoon. Phew. Goodnight.


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