day 8 – short term goals for this month and why?

Short term goals for this month is redundant. If you have goals for this month, they have to be short term, because a month isn’t LONG term.

Pedanticness aside, my main goal for this month is to finish my graduate certificate. I have an exam next Tuesday night and that’s it, I’m done. Unfortunately I haven’t had the discipline to actually study for it and I’m probably not going to do well enough to get a high distinction in the class. But I guess I can settle for a distinction.

I need to get our Christmas cards printed and labels made up. I do Christmas Cards every year. Usually I print up a letter talking about the things going on in our lives, or milestones we celebrated through the year, etc. But I found I was sending out these 30 Christmas cards with the letter and getting nothing or just a card in return. So I’m not going to put the effort in this year. Besides, there’s nothing new to report from last year. So here’s the Christmas card our family and friends will be getting from us for 2010:

Then there’s a girls night on the 27th with some high school girlfriends. My goal for that is to NOT get completely shit faced and make a fool of myself (yes, my standards are high!).

The only other thing of importance this month is what would have been my dad’s 62nd birthday. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Yesterday I remembered a song by Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father, and found this video:



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