Amendment to Day 4

I’d like to add something to the list of habits I wish I didn’t have.

Today I went overboard at the shops. It happens almost every time I go to the shops. Though in my defence, I haven’t been as bad lately.

Today screwed that.

I bought a new stroller. Because I don’t like the one we have. It was $100, but just saw it online for $150 elsewhere, so that is…something. Also, Nick is just getting way too heavy to carry everywhere, and even though he’s completely capable of walking, he’s not always keen on that. He either wants to run away or be carried. Clearly the best option was a new stroller.

I also bought him some size 3 clothes as his size 2 are getting to be just a squidge tight. Granted, I probably didn’t need to buy him 7 shirts, a pair of boardies and another pair of pjamas…but do you know how much I paid for all that? $57.

And check out this shirt:

So last but not least, I bought myself a dress. A maxi dress. They look fantastic on pregnant women, and I sometimes wonder if those of us who aren’t pregnant, LOOK pregnant wearing them. But I got a trusted 2nd opinion today, so I’m hoping it looks as great as she said it does. Because you know, dresses are really practical for running around after toddlers.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, because I killed that problem with the purchase of the aforementioned stroller. See how all that comes full circle in justification?

Hi, my name is Aroha, and I’m a shop-a-holic.


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