Yeah THAT didnt work

I don’t know why I thought installing an iPhone app would make me blog more. I’ve had my phone for over a year now and I’m still so crap at typing on this keypad. It shouldn’t be too hard to tell which entries I’ve written on my phone!

Just as busy as ever, between work 20-24 hours per week, uni 2 nights a week, my 2 yo son, a husband, a house to clean and clothes to wash…yeah I have a ton of spare time.

But you know what, its not forever. I will probably take a break from uni after this semester just because its an added stress. But I’ll be able to go back and do my masters once Nick is in school.

The job is really great so far and the extra money is great. We have a savings goal for next July and, assuming we get there, will Have some decisions to make. Car? Holiday? House? Most likely not the last one, but who knows?

Ok that’s about all that’s going on. And Criminal Minds is on so that’s my cue to leave!


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