No-Nap, Needy, Nicklas

I am feeling a bit like the worlds worst mum right now.

Nicklas has been SO NEEDY lately. Its almost like playing at childcare two days a week with carers and other kids has made him want it on a constant basis. So guess who gets to play with him all the time? He’s constantly pulling at my hand/finger, wanting me to go play with him.

Now he hasn’t napped today except for 10 minutes in the car. So HE is cranky, I am cranky…boy bet Mike can’t wait to get home to this.

I managed to get him interested in Olivia (the pig) on ABC for 5 minutes, until he saw me pull out my school work. My hope was that he would watch TV on his little fold out couch and I could sit on the big couch and work on my presentation/reading for next week. No such luck.

Actually, as I type this he is standing beside me, pulling at my arm, whining.

Usually he naps for at least 90 minutes if not longer each day. And I get a bit of a break. Not happening today. And he is SOOOOOOOO CRANKY! Probably because he is SOOOOOOOO TIRED! Yeah well, me too!

And his cough is back. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I shouldn’t whine. I know people who can’t have kids at all. I am very lucky to have him and NORMALLY he is a really good kid. But today, I am emotional and exhausted (not much sleep last night – long story, but it has to do with Nicklas!!!) so I’m not handling it very well.

Even my happy pills are not enough to save me today.


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