On Holiday

It is nice to have a Sunday night in which no one has to wake up early in the morning for work or daycare. Instead, we can relax and get up when we want, and then we’ll pack the car and head on our mini-vacation to Australia Zoo! Hopefully the weather will be great and we will be able to have a long, fun day at the zoo on Tuesday.

This afternoon we headed down to the beach with Nick and my mum. I can’t express enough how much Nick LOVES the beach, and the waves and the water. We all had so much fun, me, hubby and mum taking turns to chase him around and pick him up every time a wave knocked him over.

After a little while, mum was watching him and hubby and I decided to go for a swim. It was absolutely perfect! But something a bit out of the ordinary happened when a woman, also in the surf, said, “Excuse me, but are you guys that little boy’s parents?” (keep in mind Nick had been running all over the place – in the water, out of the water, up to strangers, half way to the next surf club…everyone noticed him!). We said we were, and she asked if he was our first. When we said he was, she said that it was so nice to watch us with him. She said all she remembers from her first (she now has 3) was her and her husband arguing over who should be watching him.

It is nice to be complimented on your parenting skills, even if all she saw was all of us playing on the beach. We are not perfect all of the time, on the contrary, we are hardly ever perfect. But I like to think we do what is best for our child, and make sure he is nurtured, loved, and learns that you can still have fun while following boundaries.

It was a nice contrast to the woman and son (probably 14) beside us who were swinging punches at each other. It was so bad, the life guards had to step in and hold the kid off his mum. Pretty sad state of affairs. I hope that Nick grows up to be a kind, fun-loving kid, not an angry one who throws punches at anyone let alone me!

One more sleep until we go see the home of the late, infamous, Crocodile Hunter. Hope it is a great holiday!


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