Seeking Asylum in Australia

Dear Indonesians,

If your country sucks, which I’m led to believe several of them do, just jump a boat to Australia. The worst case scenario is your boat will be pulled up and taken to Christmas Island where you’ll all be processed and granted visas for Australia. Welcome aboard.

Love from the Australian Government

I’m a bit irritated, if you can’t tell. Boats are caught in international waters on a weekly basis, heading for Australia with any number of immigrants seeking asylum in Australia. While I understand the reasons these people leave their countries, I don’t think rewarding them for illegally trying to come ashore in Australia is an appropriate response. PM Rudd says he won’t tolerate people smuggling, yet that is exactly what we are doing by providing safe harbour for the migrants who are on board these ships. We have a $400M+ facility on Christmas Island where they are held until their visas are processed before sending them to the mainland.

According to one news article, over 700 asylum seekers have been intercepted in the last 6 weeks. And really, why wouldn’t there be, when they  know they won’t be turned away?


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