Twice today I have been faced with making a decision. In the first instance, I was trying to decide between keeping my son in the babies room at daycare and taking him out until a spot in the toddler room came open. For now he’s staying in the baby room, as I don’t want to get him confused about being there, then not being there, then having to adjust to the new environment without mummy around again. Lets just all keep our fingers crossed that a space in the toddler room comes available SOON. I had both his carers, another carer and the centre’s DIRECTOR all tell me today that is much happier with the bigger kids, and that he NEEDS to be in the toddler room, there’s just not space there at the moment. I have been told that as soon as something comes available, he’s got first dibs on it, so as long as that actually happens, I’m not going to get too upset about all this. Although, I think it would have been MUCH easier for him to adjust in the room with kids his own size/age/skill sets level. As it is, his attitude and behaviour is up and down in the babies room. Well, duh, who wants to hang out with a bunch of babies all day!?

My second decision was made about 10 minutes ago. I was trying to decide between taking Sudafed (decongestant) that was 3 months past its expiration date, or a double dose of my son’s blackcurrent claratyne (Australia’s Claritin). A few factors were taken into consideration in making this decision, the most important being that I didn’t want to die. I know Sudafed can be used to make illegal substances, so imagine what it can do to you after its expired. A quick google search revealed a yahoo answers column that had mixed opinions. One answer said the expiration date is the date the drug company guarantees effectiveness til, so you can still take it but it might not be effective. Another answer said that drugs can become toxic after their expiration date and poison you. It was a little disturbing to me that the former answer was selected as the best! I think the latter is probably more sound advice.

I also thought about the Claratyne’s benefits, after all, it is blackcurrent flavour, how bad could it taste? Yeah, well!! Granted I haven’t had anything blackcurrent flavoured in a long time, but this is NOT how I remember it tasting! It is disgusting. Had I known that I would be taking the stuff 24 hours later, I would have made the decision to get PEACH instead of the blackcurrent.

What’s the moral of the story? You never know how today’s decision will affect you tomorrow, so think long and hard about it. Also, I will never buy my son anything “blackcurrent” flavoured again!


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