The iPhone

When the iPhones first came out we were still living in the States. I couldn’t believe how much money people were spending on them! Then I couldn’t believe they were so pissed off that the prices dropped so quickly. But no, they had to line up overnight and be one of the very first to get, what I considered to be, an overrated piece of junk technological gadget. How long ago was that, now? Two years? I had never been one to use my phone as anything more than just that…a phone. I didn’t care about how many pixels the camera had or what kind of calendars or other functions (or “apps”) my phone had as long as I could make and receive a call. So I stuck with my little Nokias and Samsungs and whatever elses.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Our phones were starting to deteriorate quickly (thanks to baby drool…where did that come from I wonder?) and we kept trying to get a loyalty upgrade from our service provider. My husband decided he wanted an iPhone. Well boy did I start giving him grief over that. “Why would you want an iPhone? What is so great about iPhones? They’re so overrated” yadda, yadda, yadda. I still had no idea what phone I was going to get but was looking at a Samsung Omnia, or the Blackberry storm (speaking of overrated techological gadgets). While Mike was in Sydney for work I wondered into the store to see if we were eligible for the free loyalty upgrade yet and we were. An hour later I walked out of the store with two iPhones.

I thought I would wait until Mike got home from Sydney before opening them up and setting up my phone etc. But when I found my phone in Nicklas’ mouth (again) and realised the buttons were stuck thanks to baby drool (again) I decided to set it up then and there. FOUR HOURS LATER I finally put it away and went to bed.

Ever since I have been an iPhone convert. I love it! We only got the 8g 3G phones because they weren’t sure when another shipment of 3Gs would come in and they tend to disappear pretty quickly once they come in anyway. So we don’t have video on them but that isn’t a big deal. So far I’ve downloaded a few free apps including a twitter and facebook app, as well as some games. There’s even a grocery list app that lets you create a weekly list and then add the price and a picture etc. so you know what your bill will be. That will come in very handy! My favourite so far though is the rag doll toss!

The only gripe I have is that so far I’ve pretty much had to charge my battery every day. I don’t know if the battery is supposed to die that quickly, but I do use it quite a bit so it wouldn’t surpise me.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go search for more apps to add while the little one is sleeping!


One thought on “The iPhone

  1. If I only use mine to check FB, Twitter, e-mail, & LJ, then I can stretch the battery for about two days. But if I watch videos, play games, etc. I have to charge it every day. Of course, this is the iPod Touch, so I’m not using it to make calls, etc.

    Me thinks I might have to check into the rag doll toss. LOL

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