So a couple of weeks ago I started my graduate certificate program at university. This program consists of 4 classes and once they’re completed, I can do 4 more classes to complete my masters degree. I’m not going to lie, going to class again is making me feel pretty old and stupid. The teacher asks questions, and we all sit there blankly. Considering there’s only 2 of us in the class whose first language is English, its not surprising. But at least 55 of the other students have a semi-legitimate excuse.

To make matters worse, we have an exam in 2 weeks. Yesterday I bought another notebook and I’m going to transfer all my notes into that notebook. I have always used re-writing notes as a learning tool. I can read it 10 times, and it won’t sink in as well as it will if I re-write it once.

The benefit to this class is that if we keep a dedicated notebook for this class and write our thoughts, notes, ideas, etc in it and let the teacher see it, he’ll let us use it for the exam.

I’ve wondered more than once during class, “What am I doing here, and not in a photography class?” I’m hoping this class will help my general business skills which will either help my small business I’m trying to start, or be a good backup for when my business fails. Haha! Such confidence I have in myself.

It will be interesting to see how the other students in my class go with the exam. I can’t even imagine going to another country and studying in their language when I don’t know the language very well. Perhaps they can read/write it better than they can speak/respond to it? I know when I studied French and Japanese that was the case for me.

In any case I’m glad I’m only doing 1 of the 4 classes this semester. There’s no way I’d be retaining all the info for more than 1 class!


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