Busy Times

I started to say its been busy around here, but I don’t know how much of it is busy-ness and how much of it is just time flying by?

I often feel like I do “nothing”, but we were recently selected for a public roads/transport survey (as a side note I’m sure they delivered them to everyone in hopes that at least a few people would complete the actual survey) and I sat down to go over it. It asked you to fill out a travel form for just one day, and it gave you the day of the week to use. You were supposed to complete a form for each member of your household over 5 years old. The form gave space for 15 “stops” in the day, and you had to record your every movement.

My day was Saturday. So as they are coming back next weekend to pick the survey up, I used last Saturday. At first I thought, “This will be easy, we don’t go anywhere!” I completed my husband’s form and it was easy. He stayed home doing household chores in the morning and watched Nicklas in the afternoon while I went out.

I moved on to my form and realised just how busy I had been. Saturday morning I dropped Nicklas with nanna while I went to take engagement pictures of my sister and her fiance (they got engaged last Tuesday so probably lots of bridal-themed blogs coming your way!). I then went to pick Nicklas up, took him home, had lunch, went to tennis, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, cooked dinner, ate, went out to a local restaurant to meet some other mums (no husbands and no children allowed!) and came home. It is no wonder time is going so quickly!

This week I enrolled in my first class for my Graduate Certificate degree. I’m officially a student again and am wondering what on earth I have done? Classes start in a couple of weeks and the class I’ve enrolled in is Friday afternoons, 3-5:50 pm. I almost enrolled for a Thursda 6-8:50 pm class but since we’ve been home, I’ve been asleep before 9 pm more times than not.

I have also been getting more and more into photography, and have started a blog over at blogspot to keep track of some of my photography. I’m hoping to see improvements in the coming months. I’ve also finally added a new post to my photocards blog.

Now I HAVE to get some cleaning done and hang out the laundry while Nicklas is asleep!


2 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. I think your photocards & photography are great!! I’m going to enjoy following your journey. 🙂

    Will you post anywhere else, when you update these sites?

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