Now What?

What do you do when you have 3 mouths to feed, a growing boy to clothe, and you have $20 in your bank account to last until pay day, four days away? You trim the grocery bill, cut out your unneccessary luxuries, look for ways to spend less. But what about when you’ve done all that? Then what?

The only luxuries we have are internet and mobile phones. We don’t have cable TV, we don’t have a car payment (although that may soon be a necessary evil given the state of our car), so where do we cut expenses? Cutting internet and mobile phones isn’t very practical, and would save approximately $40/week. Right now things aren’t that desperate that $40 a week would help us.

I look at jobs online, and see cleaning positions at private schools, or 5-star resorts, and can’t believe that I am contemplating applying for cleaning positions. I mean no offense to cleaners, its just not what I thought I’d ever have to consider doing. I hoped that I would be the one sending my kid to a private school, or staying in a 5-star resort, not the one cleaning these places. At the rate I’m going with job applications, I probably wouldn’t even get those jobs anyway.

I have applied for 3 jobs in the last week. They are casual positions, so hopefully a little more flexible with hours for someone working around the schedule of a 12 month old. But the last job I interviewed for had over 500 applicants. How do you compete with that?

Might be time to start eBaying some stuff.


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